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For more than 15 years, GERKIN s.r.o. has specialized in comprehensive services in information technology. Our objective is to understand our client’s needs as accurately as possible and to prepare a well-thought-out and comprehensive solution for them. Specific design and choice of technologies are based on the broad experience of our design engineers and consultants. We prefer a strategic approach to ICT and have experts specializing in strategic management and crisis management.

We pay full attention to good communication with the client with the aim of making them familiar with all aspects of the solution we are proposing. In the project phase, we respect the customer’s technological and financial possibilities, protect their investment and avoid opening the Pandora’s box of additional work during contract execution.

We are aware that the routine operation of the organizations we serve requires handling any occurring ICT problems flexibly, so we have a service line available 24/7 and an elaborated helpdesk system. The quality of the services we provide is clearly evidenced by a great number of satisfied, long-term customers and an excellent position of GERKIN s.r.o. on the highly competitive ICT market.

GERKIN s.r.o. has been successfully certified to ISO 9001 for its sales, outsourcing and IT consulting quality management system.

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